Center for Social Commerce Wins Vision Award

Written by Katherine Arts
Published on May 1, 2018

The Center for Social Commerce and W2O Group are honored and thrilled to be the recipients of Med Ad News’ Vision Award!

Now in its 29th year, Med Ad News’ Manny Awards Program pays tribute to the creative work of agencies serving the healthcare market, their people and their contributions to the industry.

“The Vision Award” recognizes the Center for Social Commerce’s interactive programming and training opportunities which help bridge the gap between communications curriculums and industry realities.


As a testament to the success of this programming and the Center’s enduring partnership with W2O,  Maria Russell was joined by a number of Newhouse alums to accept the award. Public Relations Alums Meriel McCaffery and Lauryn Botterman play an integral role in supporting the Center’s initiatives and ensuring the success of Social Commerce Days each year. Additionally, former Center Student Ambassador and Newspaper Alum, Anna Hodge was also in attendance.

In the words of McCaffery, “The industry landscape is changing rapidly and the next generation of professionals are going to be fundamental to the future. I’m truly energized to be there at the forefront of where the classroom meets the industry. And I can’t wait for what’s next.”

The Center wishes to extend its humble gratitude to the 600 industry members in attendance at the ceremony and to all those who make this program such an invaluable resource to students at Newhouse.