Social Commerce Days Networking Event

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on April 16, 2015

by Brett Kleinberg

As part of Social Commerce Days this semester, the Center for Social Commerce hosted a Career Networking session on Wednesday, March 25. Seven W2O Group employees met with students in small groups to speak about internship and job opportunities and share insight about their agency.

This networking event is among the highlights of Social Commerce Days, as it allows students to engage in genuine discussion with junior- and senior-level employees from a variety of practice areas, including Analytics, Healthcare, Corporate & Strategy and Media & Engagement. The opportunity to get first-hand perspective on emerging trends in the communications industry is invaluable.

On behalf of the CSC, a huge THANK YOU goes out to the following W2O Group staff for taking part in this event:

Michael Brito, Group Director, Head of Social Strategy

Jessica Vanner, Senior Manager, Media & Engagement 

Mike Nelson, Group Director

Lauren Hougas, Director, Analytics

Christopher Nardone, Account Manager

Meredith Crowder, Account Manager, Healthcare

Taylor Carr, Account Manager, Corporate & Strategy

We look forward to meeting more members of the W2O Group team at future Social Commerce Days events.