Social Commerce Days Fall 2015: Assessing our Social Impact

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on October 16, 2015

By Anna Hodge

Students across all areas of study either had a phone in their hands or a computer on their laps throughout this fall’s Social Commerce Days events. But they weren’t just sending iMessages to friends or watching the latest viral video: They were engaging and following along with our #SocCommDays conversations around the latest trends and approaches in the communications industry. Here’s a breakdown of the discussion:

SCD Fall 2015 Twitter Analytics Graph

This fall, we saw 343 tweets that included #SocCommDays – A jump from last spring’s Social Commerce Days, where we tracked 211 tweets that included our hashtag.

On Oct. 6, the start of Social Commerce Days, students were tweeting during their classes as W2O Group staff members discussed career advice and communications tools. Students reacted to the speakers and offered up their own opinions on communications strategies, specifically the 1:9:90 model that is frequently used and referenced by agency professionals.

The Analytics to Strategy workshop reactions continued to drive the discussion. Through #SocCommDays, students provided commentary on the value of influencers and how to make companies relevant in a distracted world.

Our Twitter interactions peaked on Oct. 7 during our executive panel discussion on “Relevance, the New Reputation.”  The greatest amount of online discussion spoke to the crossover and relationship today between public relations and corporate executives, and the increasing immediacy with which communications professionals need to stay ahead of major and potential crises.

Take a look at our Social Commerce Days Storify to see just a few of the tweets surrounding our #SocCommDays conversation.