Social Commerce Days — Classroom Visit Reflection

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on November 22, 2014

During this semester’s Social Commerce Days, members of W2O Group visited several Newhouse classes to give presentations on analytics, campaign planning, client work and life in the PR industry.

My public relations research class had the pleasure of meeting Molly Rabinovitz, Group Director at W2O Group, and Adam Cohen, Managing Director of W2O Group. During their visit, they discussed their work with data and analytics in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals field and how it relates to the public relations industry today.

Molly and Adam began their presentations by discussing their current work with W2O Group, including descriptions of specific projects for each of their clients. Molly’s work is mainly focused on the pharmaceutical industry, working to market a variety of prescription drugs, whereas Adam works with a number of different clients as a digital marketer and PR expert. It was fascinating to hear about a day-in-the-life of a working professional and gain insight into the cutting-edge technologies that they use on a daily basis.

After discussing their jobs, Molly and Adam opened the floor to a discussion with my classmates and professor, Dr. Ford, to share what we are learning in class and relate those lessons to the work that they do. Among many subjects, we discussed our class project of conducting research for the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation and shared both the skills we have learned and the challenges we have faced. Additionally, some of the members of my class discussed internship experiences that they had and how Molly and Adam’s work as public relations professionals related to those experiences.

Data and analytics are critical tools for public relations professionals, but our discussion made it clear that their importance is often overlooked. Many of the tools that Molly and Adam use to collect data at W2O Group could be extremely beneficial for public relations practitioners in a variety of industries, but are not yet widespread. Hearing about the cutting-edge practices in Molly and Adam’s jobs was extremely interesting to many of my classmates and I hope to continue to explore this aspect of the public relations industry as I move forward in professional and academic career. I believe that data and analytics are becoming more critical in public relations every day, and it is essential that PR students learn to work with quantitative tools during our education and early careers to keep up with this trend.

I hope to continue exploring this aspect of the field, and was delighted to have Molly and Adam share their knowledge with my class during Social Commerce Days!

This post was authored by Meghan Rimol.