SCD’s Career Networking Event Eased Fears of “Real-World” Careers

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on November 21, 2014

Networking events can be intimidating, especially for a college sophomore talking to professionals in the industry with years of experience. As you introduce yourself, your mind is flooded with fears of sounding stupid, not being taken seriously or not being liked. However, I didn’t experience that flood of fear when I was able to speak with Molly Rabinovitz, a Healthcare Practice Group Director at W2O Group, during the Social Commerce Days Career Networking Event.

During the networking event, the atmosphere was casual, allowing students to mingle with W2O Group employees. Students were able to talk to employees with diverse skills within the industry. Representatives from all levels of the agency reviewed student resumes, gave career advice and shared their paths to their current positions.

Rabinovitz splits time between W2O Group’s Chicago and Boston offices and has been there for six and a half years. Before joining W2O, she worked at top public relations firms including Edelman PR. She hadn’t quite found a position or location that she truly loved, but with the help of a PR recruiter, she ended up moving to W2O and has not looked back since. Her focus is still healthcare PR, but she is always looking for new challenges to take on within W2O.

Talking to Rabinovitz showed me that it is possible to work at different sized PR firms, and still end up at one that makes you love your job. I’ve had two internships in the field already, and Rabinovitz advised me to continue gaining experience and always strive to be as hands-on as possible. It was nice to hear that she thinks I will do well in the PR field, and helped ease those “real-world career” fears that college students face.

During the hour and a half-long event, over 60 students were able to speak to W2O Group employees in the same way I did with Rabinovitz. These employees all came from different backgrounds, had different areas of focus, and all loved working at W2O. I saw students going through their resumes with employees and asking what they would look for in successful candidates. Students also learned about the Center for Social Commerce Ambassador Program that includes an internship for the summer in W2O Group’s New York City office, as well as serving as a CSC representative at Syracuse during the upcoming spring and fall semesters.

Social Commerce Days proved to be a great learning experience for students. We were able to calm fears of what out future careers will look like, get expert advice on our resumes, and learn about what it’s actually like to work in the industry with big clients and accounts. Thank you to W2O Group for coming and sharing your insights. It showed us that what we are working towards is attainable and rewarding.

Post authored by Lexi Slavin