Forbes: Manufacturing consumer consent: The future of social commerce

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on February 18, 2015

Forbes India’s Amyter Haar warns companies against the dangers of focusing too narrowly on only one social media outlet when gauging customer sentiment.

To gain a holistic understanding regarding public perception of your brand, Haar emphasizes the need to analyze data from a wide array of social hubs, including sites such as Amazon, JustBoughtIt, and TripAdvisor, which allow customers to share their reviews with others.

“By aggregating the sum of the conversations on these sites, merchants and marketers can come a long way toward understanding the customer and their needs, their interests and what makes them tick,” Haar writes.

When companies understand how to leverage the full spectrum of social data available, they can successfully adapt from a superficial social media-based strategy to a comprehensive social commerce-based approach.