Are You Built for the Future…Or Solving Yesterday’s Reality?

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on November 1, 2014

As a function, Corporate Communications plays a vital role in influencing and maintaining organizational health, setting priorities, establishing a clear direction for strategy execution, managing reputational efficacy, impacting decision-making, telling the business story and directing competitive positioning.
Under this construct, Corporate Communications’ efforts drive demand for products and services, attract and retain talent, build comprehension around purpose, mission, and values enhancing financial valuation, softening barriers to market entry, building critical relationship capital, easing governmental and NGO relations, and nurturing and growing stakeholder trust. Consequently, the function spans an entire organization while
simultaneously being tasked with bridging various agendas, priorities and egos between and among other functions. This can be a daunting task for any Corporate Communication function, whether housed in a large, medium or small organization.

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