Pinterest as a Platform for Social Commerce

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on October 31, 2014

By Rachael Calmas

For years public relations campaigns and marketing campaigns have devoted almost entirely all of their social media efforts to Facebook and Twitter. For major companies using both Facebook and Twitter is not only beneficial for their ability to have direct contact with consumers, but also for the capabilities of both platforms to allow companies to track the results of their efforts through analytics.
However, there is now a third player in the game- Pinterest. According to AdWeek, the social media site has created a new metrics dashboard that will allow brands to see, “how many impressions, clicks, repins (equivalent to a retweet or share in Twitter and Facebook terms) and likes they’re compiling.” With this addition Pinterest is no longer a small player in the social media game, but a true competitor. Companies should strive to not only have a presence on Pinterest, but also use it as a competitive tool. Part of what makes Pinterest so effective is that it targets more of a specific niche market.
For example, Lowe’s is a company that has effectively created a campaign on Pinterest to reach consumers looking for home improvement projects. Lowe’s created an account and highlighted the “Pin It” button on its site so that people could easily pin project ideas from the site onto their own boards. One of their most successful pins was a create-your-own colorful doormat project, which got 20,000 repins. As a result the company was able to learn about their customers interests, which in this case was creative and simple home décor projects.
Using Pinterest can undoubtedly impact sales in a wide variety of industries. To fully embrace the power of social commerce, companies should incorporate Pinterest into their social media strategies.