Meet the Fall 2015 Social Commerce Days Crew

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on September 30, 2015

by Anna Hodge

Before Social Commerce Days kick off, get acquainted with the members of W2O Group who will be visiting campus Oct. 6-8 to talk with students about the latest trends in the communications industry. Check out a full list of public events, including an executive panel discussion, professional networking and a workshop focused on building business strategies from analytics capabilities.

Jenn Gottlieb
Jennifer Gottlieb is W2O Group’s COO and head of client service. Jennifer has been with W2O Group for a decade and has partnered with companies big and small in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, technology and consumer brands. She has supported leading brands during market development, launch and lifecycle management. Jennifer’s focus is on developing programs that modernize the way companies communicate and market in an ever-changing, disruptive world.

“Social Commerce Days are an opportunity for students to participate in conversations with experienced leaders in the communications industry, spanning diverse and expansive backgrounds. The events allow us to have really candid conversations with students. We talk about current business trends, what to expect from a first job and yes, shed some light on who stands out in a crowd of applicants.” – Jennifer Gottlieb

Gary Grates
Gary Grates leads the Corporate and Strategy practice at W2O Group Worldwide. Gary oversees a team of professionals counseling executives and Board of Directors from global organizations in the areas of leadership, labor-management relations, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, internal communications improvement and change management. Gary has more than 25 years of corporate, marketing and strategic communications experience. He has counseled more than one hundred organizations and CEOs including PepsiCo, Visa, eBay, Dell, British Airways, Exxon/Mobil, GE, Pfizer and Nissan.

Kieran Fagan
Kieran Fagan is a managing director of W2O Group’s Corporate and Strategy practice, based in New York. He is a communications strategist who has worked for leading organizations in healthcare, financial services and consumer industries. Kieran has more than 20 years of experience (15 of them client side) including corporate communications planning and strategy; pharmaceutical issues and crisis management; product communications; executive communications counsel; media relations; organizational/internal communications; communications measurement; digital media; global leadership and team building; agency management; European expatriate experience.

Eileen O'Brien
Eileen O’Brien has 18 years of digital marketing experience in healthcare including multiple therapeutic areas, global and launch brands. As the Director of Media and Engagement in Twist Marketing in New York, Eileen leads social media strategy and engagement for healthcare clients. Eileen has been named among the top 50 healthcare tweeters and from 2010-2012 she founded and moderated the #SocPharm tweetchat. She graduated from Brown University and holds an MS from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Katz
Jennifer Katz is a senior manager in analytics at W2O Group’s New York office. She has worked in the social media analytics space for more than eight years and has supported Fortune 500 clients across a large range of verticals including Beauty, Healthcare, CPG, Technology and Entertainment. Jennifer applies strategic listening, targeted questioning, social media and research expertise to uncover client needs and grasp key business drivers. Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Business from the University of Michigan.
“Social Commerce Days allows for students to get a glimpse into the real-life application of their academic studies and skillsets, as well as potentially meet a future colleague.” – Jennifer Katz

Ryan Flinn
Ryan Flinn is a director of earned media for W2O Group in San Francisco. As a former journalist for outlets including Bloomberg News, Businessweek Magazine and The New York Times, Ryan brings an understanding of what drives news coverage, how stories are shaped and what appeals to reporters and editors. More importantly, having worked through the advent of social media, he brings insight into the new pressures, expectations and motivations that are shaping the rapidly changing modern media environment.

 With the rapidly evolving social and traditional media landscape, there’s no better time to find out how journalists, companies and consumers are shifting how they do business and go about their lives. Social Commerce Days will give you greater insight into how this is playing out in real time.” – Ryan Flinn

Meriel McCaffery
Meriel McCaffery is a senior manager in the Corporate and Strategy practice at W2O Group’s New York office. Meriel develops and manages communications strategies through execution for W2O Group’s diverse clients. Specializing in corporate communications, brand/employee advocacy and content strategy, she has worked with senior leaders from global organizations such as Verizon, NetScout, Delphi, Pfizer and Bayer MaterialScience to solve today’s most pressing business challenges. Meriel graduated from Syracuse University, where her focuses of study were Public Relations and Policy Studies.

Blaire Clause
Blaire Clause is a marketing manager at W2O Group’s Austin office, where she focuses on managing the agencies’ external communications across paid, earned, shared and owned properties, conducting competitive analyses, and executing agency-hosted events. Prior to this role, Blaire served as an account associate in WCG’s Technology practice and provided ongoing social media strategy and engagement counsel. Blaire graduated from the University of Texas.

Alex Levine
Alex Levine is an account manager for W2O Group in New York and has been working at the company for just under two years. His professional experience includes Sanofi Pasteur integrated campaigns and ongoing communications for the Merck cardiovascular franchise. Specifically, his focus has been in targeted online engagement, online physician influencer engagement, regulatory data milestones and medical meeting communications. He has also worked across large agency client teams to support several new business initiatives in the health space. Alex graduated from Lehigh University in 2014, where he studied Journalism, Science and Environmental Writing.