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How to Step Ahead in Agency Life

Written by Janine Bogris

Published on July 24, 2017

By Janine Bogris, Center for Social Commerce Ambassador

Six weeks into my time interning at W2O Group, I have already touched projects for 10 different clients. In agency life, the ability to shift gears seamlessly is invaluable and a skill that I’m quickly adapting to. Switching from social to traditional media, healthcare to financial services, in-depth research requests to top-line summaries—these are just some of the immediate adjustments I’ve had to make with a moment’s notice. This fast-paced culture is what attracted me to the agency model.

The excitement of working in an agency comes from an opportunity to do something new each day. Of course, this doesn’t come without its challenges. Here are some of the things of learned so far and tips on how to manage these challenges.

  1. Take notes (maybe even better notes than you take in class)

I often am working on long-term projects that I need to put on hold while I turn to a more urgent request. When I go back to those projects, it can be difficult to put myself in the shoes of my past self to remember exactly what direction I was going with something. I remedy this by taking incredibly detailed notes of what I’m working on and the initial ask from my manager or client. I log exactly what I have done and what I still need to do, as well as any random trains of thought that might be valuable in the future.

  1. Plan ahead and keep a schedule

While handling multiple clients, sometimes all the work can pile on at once. It can be stressful to determine where to even start. At the beginning of each week, I make a list of all the action items I must complete and their deadlines, which helps me prioritize effectively.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the scope of a project

When possible, I find out from a manager approximately how much time should be spent on a project. It prevents me from getting lost in a project and helps me plan my week to ensure I complete my work in a timely and thorough manner.

The most important quality I’ve taken away so far during my internship is the ability to be adaptable. I continuously need to switch modes to be successful in completing my work. At W2O Group, I’ve already worn many hats and learned to change my focus to meet the needs of each client. I look forward to refining this skill even further throughout the summer ahead.