Visiting Executive Program

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on October 31, 2014

The Center for Social Commerce Visiting Executive Program is committed to bringing industry-leading communications executives to Syracuse University each semester to share their perspectives and experience with students and faculty. The program officially launched in the spring of 2014 with Torod Neptune, VP of corporate communications at Verizon Wireless offering our inaugural address.

Since initiation, we have welcomed a host of executives to campus:

  • In fall 2014, we were thrilled to have Rob Clark, VP of global corporate communications for Medtronic, Inc., the world’s leading medical technology and services company participate. Clark leads Medtronic’s global public relations, internal communications, corporate marketing, social media and philanthropy teams worldwide. His group works to advance Medtronic’s key business objectives through innovative and integrated communication and philanthropic programs and strategies.
  • In spring 2015, we hosted Joanne Bischmann, VP of Communications for Harley-Davidson, Inc., one of America’s most iconic brands. She spoke with students and faculty about the ever-evolving role of corporate communications professionals.
  • In fall 2015, we continued to expand the program into a full panel, including Chris Preuss, senior vice president of marketing and communications, Delphi Automotive; Craig Rothenberg, former VP of corporate communications, Johnson & Johnson; Jennifer Gottlieb, COO and head of client service, W2O Group. The group discussed the significance and implications of relevance for communications and business strategy.
  • In spring 2016, we had the honor of hosting  Jim Weiss, Founder and CEO of W2O group, and Dave Samson, general manager of Public Affairs at Chevron, an American multinational energy corporation. They exchanged views on the missing ingredient(s) in career achievement: corporate, firm and entrepreneurial perspectives.
  • In fall 2016, we hosted Tony Cervone, Senior Vice President, Global Communications and Chairman GM Foundation General Motors Company, a global automotive corporation. He discussed how General Motors engages people on its products, perspectives, technology and the future of transportation.
  • In spring 2017, we had the pleasure of hosting Bob Pearson, Vice Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer at W2O Group. He engaged with the audience about working in the new reality: analytics, insights, and the power of influence in a digital world .