‘SXW2O’ Reflections & Highlights

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
March 23, 2016

Every year, as a part of the Center for Social Commerce’s Student Ambassador Program, select students attend W2O Group’s annual “SXW2O” events in Austin, leading up the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference. During SXW2O, W2O Group experts, clients and industry leaders convene for a wide array of speaker summits touching on disruptive industry

Welcome the Spring 2016 Social Commerce Days Visiting Executives and Experts

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
February 23, 2016

Get to know the executives and communications subject-matter experts visiting campus March 1-3 and talking with Syracuse students, faculty and staff about the latest industry thinking and trends. Want to know more about Social Commerce Days at Syracuse University? Here is a full list of public events, including an executive keynote discussion featuring Dave Samson

Social Commerce Days Recap: Takeaways From Students and Faculty

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
October 19, 2015

By Andrew Petro Last Wednesday, as over 100 students and faculty sat, captivated in their seats within the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium, Craig Rothenberg, founder and CEO of Rothenberg Communications LLC, said, “Be lifelong learners.” The members of the audience were there to do just that—learn. Marking its fifth installment, Social Commerce Days took place last

Social Commerce Days Fall 2015: Assessing our Social Impact

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
October 16, 2015

By Anna Hodge Students across all areas of study either had a phone in their hands or a computer on their laps throughout this fall’s Social Commerce Days events. But they weren’t just sending iMessages to friends or watching the latest viral video: They were engaging and following along with our #SocCommDays conversations around the

Meet the Fall 2015 Social Commerce Days Crew

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
September 30, 2015

by Anna Hodge Before Social Commerce Days kick off, get acquainted with the members of W2O Group who will be visiting campus Oct. 6-8 to talk with students about the latest trends in the communications industry. Check out a full list of public events, including an executive panel discussion, professional networking and a workshop focused

Wearable Technology Holds the Key to Personalized Marketing

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
September 29, 2015

By Andrew Petro When you think of wearable technology, what comes to mind? Do you think of all the fitness trackers on the market? Does your mind immediately jump to the recently released Apple Watch? As consumers, many of us assess wearable technology based on what it can do for us. But, when we look

Analytics: Taking the Guesswork Out of Communications

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
September 08, 2015

By Anna Hodge It is time to quantify the value of our words. Analytics allow communicators across a variety of fields, from public relations, marketing, advertising and journalism, to gain insights into their audiences and the influence and impact of their communications efforts. Is this public relations campaign targeting who we intend it to? Is

The Influencer Approach to Marketing

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
August 05, 2015

By Andrew Petro After attending a BuzzFeed webinar, the concept of influencer marketing really started to click with me. The moderators discussed “Content Development for the Millennial Generation.” One quote resonated with me in particular: “When you try to market to everyone, you’re not marketing to anyone.” The theme here is that brands everywhere are

Joanne Bischmann: Button Pushers to Strategy Partners

Posted by Center for Social Commerce
April 21, 2015

by Andrew Petro Once upon a time, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson drew up the plans for the very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In the years that followed, Harley-Davidson Motor Company grew to be one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the nation. However, this success was eventually met with struggle. From 2006