Ambassador Reflection: My Thoughts on W2O Group’s PreCommerce Summit

Written by Center for Social Commerce

Published on March 16, 2015

South by Southwest in Austin, Texas has, for years, drawn thousands of people to its events spanning a three-week period in March. Musicians, filmmakers, and techies believe it to be “the land of opportunity” when it comes to their respective industries.

Leading up to the interactive portion of this festival, W2O Group hosted its annual PreCommerce Summit. Here, attendees had the opportunity to listen and engage with an impressive list of speakers. A couple of key ideas that I took away from this day were the importance of storytelling as well as being genuine.

During her talk, Jessica Gioglio, head of creative lab at Sprinklr, discussed how important standing out to consumers really is to brands today. Gioglio said, “Don’t just create content and programs, but instead create remarkable experiences for your consumers.” She suggested that storytelling is central to creating these remarkable experiences. In the end, Gioglio stressed the importance of visuals—especially when it comes to social media. From my perspective, storytelling is crucial for companies to get their messages across in ways that matter to and engage with consumers.

Al Roker, host of The Today Show and President and CEO for Al Roker Entertainment, spoke at great lengths about being genuine. I thought it was interesting that he does not view himself as a brand. Roker said, “I do not think of myself as a brand—I’m a person.” He believes in earning someone’s trust through authenticity and transparency. In the end, being authentic comes down to staying true to your core values in a world filled with always-changing trends.

The interactive portion of South by Southwest is known for breeding new and innovative ideas. It is imperative for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand the importance of both storytelling and being genuine as it relates to the digital world that we now live in.

This post was authored by Andrew Petro.